David Vangroningen
General Manager / project manager

Restoration project manager with 15-years of success overseeing all phases of remediation and reconstruction projects for government and insurance-sector clients. Experience includes managing crews of up to 50 people in cat loss situations, asbestos abatements, mould remediation, trauma scene clean-up and a variety of other construction/remediation projects. Backed by strong credentials and a proven history of on-time, on-budget and high-quality project completions.

Corey Rikkers
Project Manager

Corey has worked in the restoration for 10+ years working every aspect from furnace & Duct cleaning, Carpet cleaning, restoration and abatement. Corey’s great work ethic make him a great leader to the rest of the crew in the field. His attention to detail desire to do well help the project managers complete all project in a time efficient manner.

Frank Friessen
Operations/ Safety Manager

Frank extensive years in management and commitment to Safety is very evident by his long list of credentials to name a few (1) Alberta OHS Legislation Awareness Course. (2) Principles of Health and Safety Management. (3) Leadership for Safety Excellence. (4) Auditor Training Program. (5) Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System 2015. (6) Alberta Certified Peer Health & Safety Auditor.

Arlene Failma
Content/ Cleaning Manager

Arlene has been in the restoration and Janitorial industry for the past 13+ years her attention to detail has made her a true professional at her craft. You only have to meet Arlene to know she is passionate about what she does and the people she works with. Arlene has also completed IICRC courses to help continue to advance her career and continues to work toward additional knowledge and training.

Federsin Y. Sarmiento
Jobsite Supervisor

When Federsin is onsite everyone has to move a little faster to keep up with the work ethic and pace that Federsin sets. His consistent work attitude and attention to detail makes him an amazing asset and leader within the Company. ‘s